An example of a 1-page Trading Plan

Here is an example of one of my personal trading plans used in the past. I hope this helps you in your own journey.


Daily i.e. EOD primarily, 240min secondarily (not as common)
All items offered in the account, but are filtered by trending or ranging setup conditions below.
5-10 pips + spread above/below setup bar
1.       Higher or lower highs/lows
2.       Price action signals
3.       Horizontal level of Support/Resistance
4.       Interaction with Moving Averages
5.       MACD Divergence/Convergence
7.       Trendlines
9.       Classic chart patterns i.e. Head and Shoulders and Double tops/bottoms.
5-10 pips below/above broker’s bar (may be wider if near key level or moving average, or if consolidating recently)
Trail from day 3, by 10 pips.  (End of Day 1 = setup, End of Day 2 = trigger, End of Day 3 = update stop)
No hedging!!!!
Any of the following, max risk for total of all open trades must be less than or equal to 0.5-1.5%.
(RA) = Risk Amount, includes SCALING OUT STRATEGIES only.
·         1 order, trailing until stopped out. (RA/1)
·         2 orders, 1st takes profit at 1:1, 2nd trailing until stopped out.(RA/2)
·         3 orders, 1st takes profit at 1:1, 2nd takes profit at 1:2, 3rd trailing until stopped out. (RA/3)
·         4 orders, 1st takes profit at 1:1, 2nd takes profit at 1:2, 3rd takes profit at 1:3, 4th trailing until stopped out. (RA/4)

Forex Bootcamp 26th-27th November, Learn to Trade, London, SW6 2UZ

This coming week, Tuesday and Wednesday 26th & 27th respectively, I’ll be hosting a 2-day live trading bootcamp at Learn To Trade in London. Existing Unlimited Wealth clients should be able to log in and join remotely, even if you are not able to attend in person. For queries and help regarding this, I recommend you contact

During the bootcamp, I’ll not only be scanning the market for the best intra-day setups for us to trade, but I’ll spend as much time as is necessary in developing your skills further and assisting you and progressing your techniques to the maximum. By the end of the second day, you’ll have a far more solid understanding of price action, the Income Generator, Sniper and Pivot strategies, and how to take you existing trading plan to the next level. You will also feel more confident and more selective over the setups you will trade going forwards.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


Here's an example of the optimal Sniper strategy layout that I'll be demonstrating during the live bootcamp.
Here’s an example of the optimal Sniper strategy layout that I’ll be demonstrating during the live bootcamp.