Recommended reading: The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

To start off my blog’s section on the most highly recommended reading for you, I’ve decided to begin with the one book that changed Warren Buffet’s life forever. Please note, this is about investing, and not trading, but the psychology aspect is remarkably similar.

Here is further information about it, an excerpt from

The Intelligent Investor: Benjamin Graham

By Daniel Myers on November 29, 2013 A A A
Serious physicists read about Sir Isaac Newton to learn his teachings about gravity and motion. Serious investors read Benjamin Graham’s work to learn about finance and investments.

Known as “the father of value investing” and the “Dean of Wall Street,” Ben Graham (1894-1976) excelled at making money in the stock market for himself and his clients without taking big risks. Graham created and taught many principles of investing safely and successfully that modern investors continue to use today.

These ideas were built on Graham’s diligent, almost surgical, financial evaluation of companies. His experience led to simple, effective logic, upon which Graham built a successful method for investing. Read further here…. 

Order it here:

OR, listen to the audiobook here:

The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham – Unabridged Audiobook

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