Monday 20th January 2014- Market Trade Scan Webinar

Hi everyone,
This is a friendly reminder that from 8-9pm tonight, I’ll be scanning the markets, both Forex and Stocks, live, to find my own trade setups.
As you’ll know from my email below, if you wish to join in on this, and benefit from it, you’ll need to book in for a coaching session with me, before I send you the link.
For tonight’s webinar (Monday night), you need to book yourself in for ANY 1 remote session out of the available sessions I’ve opened up for this coming Saturday 25th January.
So, book 1 session for this Saturday 25th, and I’ll email you tonight’s webinar link before 8pm.  Tonight’s event is 1 hour, at a cost of 1 coaching session.
From: Adam Harris 
Sent: 07 January 2014 12:45
Subject: Your 2014 Trading Journey!
Importance: High
First of all, Happy New Year to you all- I wish you the very best which 2014 has to offer you!
This is really a news email for all of my delegates about my coaching plans this year, especially my evening market scans where I’ll be showing you all my own trade setups for you to follow!
Please read my updates below very carefully:
Currently, my coaching calendar is open until the end of February, so you should see plenty of availability if I am assigned as your coach, and if you have any (unexpired) coaching sessions available. If you DO NOT see availability, and you definitely have sessions due, and I am definitely your coach, then there may be a technical issue; please email in that case, to alert them to the issue.  
There are two events on the horizon you may wish to know about:
1.       I am presenting next week’s Master Trader Forex Bootcamp. Aside from live trades, I’ll be working with you on your trading plan, professional trader psychology, trade setup check lists, higher and lower timeframe correlation, advanced price action, and Fibonacci or Divergence if requested. This event should be profitable and great fun!
2.       I am going to start doing live evening market scans, where I look for my own trade setups. Clients who have coaching sessions available with me can use these to watch me find and place trades. (see further down for more details on this)
I am also continuing to work on my first book about Trading the Financial Markets, which I hope to have completed soon. My plan is to invite a few of you to read and review chapters and to provide me with real, genuine reviews which can then go into the final published book as testaments. I’ll keep interested parties up to date, from my own Knowledge to Action blog here –
Speaking of which, I just discovered that there is a blog for all of our Unlimited Wealth delegates here:
1.       Book yourself in for coaching sessions with me as soon as possible- even better, book in one every week right now, and create a committed schedule!
2.       If you haven’t watched these Midweek Market Focus episodes, make sure you do!! ,
My plan going forwards is to offer live market scans twice a week, where I find and identify good trade setups, from which I will select actual trades to take for my own accounts.
I will do this via a live 1 hour webinar, on Monday nights, and Thursday nights, which are probably the most constructive nights to do it. It will be a 1 hour webinar, from 8-9pm London time, covering Forex and Stocks together, in order to maximise money-making opportunities. To give you an idea of trading percentage returns, you should make 2-7% per month from these trade setups on average, especially if you trade both Forex and Stocks. If you are seriously interested in this, you need to know the following:
1.       You can only attend if you have coaching sessions available.
2.       You can only attend if those coaching sessions are assigned to me as your coach.
3.       I will record each session, but there are occasional technical issues with this, which I am working on.
4.       It is 1 coaching session for the whole hour, regardless of whether you trade FOREX or Stocks- you are welcome to trade both.
5.       I will not always outline strategies, because of time limits, merely highlight the setups. The strategies you can cover with me in private coaching if you like.
6.       I will email the detailed setups afterwards, normally within 30 minutes of the webinar.
7.       I use GoToMeeting (GoToWebinar) to do the webinar, so you’ll receive an email with a link which you can click on to enter the webinar and watch it from your computer. It can take up to 5 minutes to connect, so you’ll want the link by 7:55pm. You should receive it by then. No other software is required by you for the webinars. You do NOT  have to pay for the webinar software!! Please note, do NOT buy it for this purpose!!
8.       To book yourself in, I will create Remote-Only sessions on my Saturday schedule for the Mondaywebinar- you just need to book yourself into ANY slot to get the link for the 8-9pm Monday webinar!
9.       To book yourself in, I will create Remote-Only sessions on my Sunday schedule for the Thursdaywebinar- you just need to book yourself into ANY slot to get the link for the 8-9pm Thursday webinar!
10.   If you are stuck with strategies, or coaching sessions, please read below.
11.   I will then book you in for the webinar, and you will receive the links automatically.
WHAT DO I DO IF I WANT TO LEARN MORE ADVANCED STRATEGIES, and I’m not an Unlimited Wealth delegate?
If you wish to learn to trade with more discretion and confidence beyond the initial strategies, I recommend you consider one of the following offers:
1.       Our Master Trader  Program™ with 6 Momentum Coaching™ sessions for a total of £2,500 + VAT.
2.       Our Master Trader  Program™ with 6 Momentum Coaching™ sessions, and with the Live Trading Bootcamp™ for £4,500 + VAT
BONUS: If you select either one of these offers, you will qualify to get a live, funded £10, 000 account from Learn to Trade, which will continue to be funded with good results up to £50, 000.
For those of you who took up this offer in December, you can access these evening webinars free of charge for the first month!
I then recommend you order a Momentum Coaching™  package, of which there are two available:
1.       12 X Momentum Coaching™ sessions for a total of £1,350 + VAT.
2.       24 X Momentum Coaching™ sessions for a total of £2,000 + VAT.
Here is an example of how you would book yourself in- this is a snapshot of my coaching schedule and availability for next week:
KTAI_webinar_bookings copy.jpg
I hope this email answers any questions you may have- I look forward to seeing you at the bootcamps, and you joining me on my evening webinars.
Kind Regards,
Adam Harris
Trader Coach
Learn To Trade – Leading Trader Education
Tel. 0207 751 8900 | Fax. 0207 736 4779  | DDI: |   
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