Tonight’s Market Scan Webinar post-poned.

Hi everyone!

I’m not able to make tonight’s market webinar scan, although I will do it every Monday and Thursday ongoingly. Now and again, I may have to postpone for other reasons.

However, here are the charts I am looking for setups tonight (Daily charts only!!)- this way you still get the benefit of the webinar that would’ve happened:



2.       NZDUSD LONG

STOCKS/EQUITIES  (NB. Some caution here- all major indices ‘appear’ to be pulling back; this could be a weekly phase 2 beginning)

1.       3I Group (III-LON) – long

2.       Taylor Wimpey (TW.-LON)

3.       Prudential (PRU-LON)

4.       ITV  (ITV-LON)

5.       BG Group (BG.-LON)

That’s all I could see – these are the safest of the bunch. Please watch last night’s Midweek Market Focus for a better explanation of my caution with the Stock trade calls.

I’ll place these orders on my own account tonight, but I may only do 0.5% on the stocks….

Have a good evening,

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