Market Scan Webinar – Monday 27th January 2014

Hi everyone,

If you wish to join tomorrow night’s webinar market scan, from 8-9pm London time, you only need to book 1 coaching session from the sessions I’ve opened up for next Saturday 1st February.
Once you’ve booked a single coaching session of the limited available spaces for Saturday 1st February, I will send you the link for tomorrow night’s webinar (Monday 27th January).
If I am not your coach, you can email, and kindly ask to have a coaching session transferred to me.
I look forward to seeing you then!

2 thoughts on “Market Scan Webinar – Monday 27th January 2014

  1. Unfortunate to miss tonight as can’t do Saturdays. Will you be doing any Mondays in isolation? Best S

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Sylvia,

      I only do Mondays and Thursdays, I’m afraid.

      As per my emails, in order to join the Monday webinar, one must book a slot from the Saturday one’s, and to attend the Thursday, one must book a free slot from Sunday. This is the only way my systems will allow me to book people in for now.

      Hope this helps,

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