How your behavior can affect your finances – video link


[ON THE MONEY] When it comes to finance, it’s easy to work the numbers. Understanding how the brain works on the other hand and how it affects our behavior is a more trenchant task. This understanding is crucial to investing because every decision to buy or sell is secretly affected by biases that are lodged deep inside our minds. On The Money is joined by Larry Cao, a chartered financial analyst from Hong Kong, who will tell us three important biases each investor has to fight.

See how other traders trade- with the trend!!

Hi everyone,

Just for fun, and to further your education, here are two things you can do to improve your confidence in your trading journey:

1. Watch famous trader Marty Schwartz, one of author Jack Schwager’s subjects from his renowned book Market Wizards, speak to graduates- his only known seminar:

A Market Wizard Speaks: Marty Schwartz at Amherst College

2. Meet and talk to other professional traders, such as my friend Zaheer Anwar ( – who was a speaker at last week’s London Investor Show at this event:

Be careful out there trading this week!




Interesting commentary on current conditions – 2 minutes watching.

I don’t normally watch this kind of stuff, but this clip is pretty decent, and relevant to my analysis two weeks ago, and my cautionary post earlier today. (Plus my analysis 2 weeks ago, if you haven’t watched it, is posted below this clip):

My analysis two weeks ago:

Essential viewing: Trading the Turn by Andrew Hewerdine

Hi everyone,

Please watch this clip by my former trader coach, Andy Hewerdine; it is invaluable as a demonstration of how trading takes advantage of folds/cycles within different timeframes. If ever I’m overwhelmed in my personal trading, which happens less and less, this is what I watch to remind me how simple trading can be as a concept. I hope you find it as useful.

Have a great week!


The World’s Greatest Money Maker: Warren Buffett

Credit for this goes to:

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If you invest in the stock market you’re almost 100% certain to have heard of Warren Buffett. Indeed, you’ve probably read books about him, or you might have read his annual shareholder letter, or even been to the spectacle that is the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting.

Now’s your chance to watch an interesting documentary that offers an intimate look at the life of Warren Buffett. The documentary offers an eye opening view of how he runs the company (complete with a tour of his office), the annual shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, and a peak at his many eccentricities.

Of course the film also reviews how he made his money, how he operates, how he came to operate in the way he does, and how he thinks about his wealth which is in the tens of billions of dollars.