AUDUSD Sell EOD trade setup – please evaluate yourself

This trade setup is a trend-continuation short. I’ll be waiting for the bar to close and place my order Sunday night, after the market opens. My target is the next key level- 0.9208



Some caution ahead of this week’s NFP!

Hi everyone,

First of all, this is a reminder for you to book your coaching in with me as soon as possible, especially before your coaching session expire!

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact to help you book yourself in.

I recommend you book in for coaching this week, or next.

As for general trading conditions, please note that this week Friday is Non-Farm Payroll day, and the market is very likely to swing about wildly between Thursday and Friday. In order to keep yourself safe, I recommend you do not trade on either Thursday or Friday this week.

I will go over this in greater detail in this week’s Midweek Market Focus!

Also, if this week becomes very sluggish, and hardly moves between today and Wednesday, it’s likely due to the market deciding to wait until then, and being undecided, or pausing. This is in itself a indication to wait and not trade.

From a technical analysis point of view, please note the following can contribute to extreme changes in daily trends:

All the charts below (weekly/daily/monthly) show the majors at or very near key horizontal levels, starting with the USD Index- this indicates that a reversal could well happen this week- this is often the case when the market hits key levels at the same time- then, it’s the US Dollar that will probably tip the game. Please be aware of this!


Reminder: Free Webinar Market Scan, Monday 24th February, 8-9pm.

Hi everyone,

Don’t forget about tomorrow night’s free market scan webinar.
You may already have registered, but if you haven’t, here is the link:
Everyone is invited, and welcome to join. I recommend logging on about 7:55pm London time.
If you haven’t attended one before, this will be a new experience for you. I normally offer these as a live trading coaching experience for my delegates, who already understand the signals we are looking for to find strong setups.
Because of this, the webinar is more focused on scanning all the charts, looking for a signal. It’s fast, or will seem that way for most newbies.
To start off with, please understand that I will be scanning every Forex and Stock chart to check Monday night’s daily bar. I will then determine if it is a reversal, Doji, Low-test, High-test, outside, inside, or even double-inside bar setup. If it is one of these, then and only then, will I proceed to evaluate it further, and assess the validity of it as an actual desirable trade.
In order to keep it very safe, I will only be focusing on trending setups, but will highlight reversal setups for the Master Traders if any good ones are there.
All trades are taken with 1% risk, or less, and if several setups occur on the same currency pairs, the recommendation is to either select one of them, or divide up the 1% risk over all of them, mainly in order to manage our risk.
Profit can be taken with a limit order at a 1:1 target, and trailing using daily 10 pip trailing stop.
If you do not understand any of the terminology I’ve used in this email, you must book yourself in for coaching with me as soon as possible! Let me repeat that- book yourself in for coaching with me as soon as possible.
Contact and ask for any assistance you may require.
Further coaching sessions can be ordered from me, at a discounted rate, if need be.
I’m very much looking forward to seeing you online tomorrow night!
In the meantime, there are currently setups on the following charts, for tonight, please evaluate against your own trade strategies:
AUDCAD REVERSAL SHORT – Master Traders, and Prop only!!

GBPAUD 240min MT FX trade setup

Based on the weekly uptrend, and the recent daily double-bottom, this is an aggressive entry into the daily trend, on the 240min timeframe. The entry is buying on a cluster level where Fib levels, moving averages, Weekly pivots, horizontal levels all lie on top of each other, with the stop placed below that, then manage and update the stop on the daily or 240min. Adam

The 120min chart has already given a very bullish signal, and so the trend might not even come back to test this level.

Here is the link to view the setup of the explanation- it’s about 14 minutes long.